As this is one of the largest hurdles people find with a move to farm in Manitoba, with respect to the Canadian immigration process, the following information and comments are provided:

The information required by the Canadian Immigration Department in London will include:

  1. Name and address of applicant
  2. Description of proposed farming project, giving as much detail as possible
  3. Legal description, and address, if applicable, of property
  4. A selection of financial information, including:
    • if the project is relating to an existing farm, financial statements for the past 3 years (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow)
    • statement of purchasers personal net worth when arrving in Canada
    • projection for three years of operations for subject property, including full financial statements for first year of occupation
    • loan and other credit information
    • estimated family living expense

    The above information can be packaged into an agrologist's report. This report, prepared by an independent agrologist, is a viability study of the proposed property based upon the earning potential of the farm, capital position and methodology of the purchaser and the past 3 years records of the vendor. Although not a mandatory requirement by the Canadian Immigration Department, it serves a couple of different functions:
    • it provides a great deal of the information required for the application for Landed Immigrant status
    • it serves as a check on the viability of the property being purchased, as it is an independent "second opinion"

    The agrologist's report can cost from $1,000 to $2,500 depending upon the complexity of the operation in question, and will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  5. Whenever possible, include the following names and addresses:
    • the purchaser's banker in the U.K. or Ireland
    • the purchaser's accountant in the U.K. or Ireland and Canada
    • the purchaser's lawyer in Canada

The application will also include the fees required for processing the application. For the amount of these fees, please use the link to the Canada Immigration website, as the fees are subject to change.

In some case, but not all, the applicant will be required to attend an interview at the Canadian High Commission in London. This would include applicants from the Republic of Ireland. In all cases, however, a full medical would be required as part of the immigration process.

A recent amendment to the Farm Lands Ownership Act allows for qualified immigrant status, however, this is a situation best discussed with a Canadian lawyer to get the best advice.

All applications go through the points system, with the bonus for self-employed immigrants being 30 points. The total required is a minimum of 70 points. The other points are allocated as follows:

Education - maximum 16 points
Specific vocational preparation- maximum 18 points
Experience- maximum 8 points
Occupation - maximum 10 points
Arranged employment- designated
occupation - maximum 16 points
Demographic factor - maximum 8 points
Age* - maximum 10 points
Language (English and French) - maximum 15 points
Personal suitability - maximum 10 points
Bonus for assisted relative - 5 points

* 10 points if between 21 and 44, 2 points deducted for each year under 21 or over 44.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact our office or alternatively, the Canadian High Commission in London, Immigration Division, 38 Grosvenor Street, London, W1X 0AA. Alternatively, use the following links to go directly to their website!

Canadian Immigration Information

Applications and Forms

Manitoba Immigration

There is also an alternative program through the Province of Manitoba's provincial nominee program for business. For more information click on the link below.

Provincial Nominee Program