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The Services We Offer

A lot of thought has gone into the service we offer so we will explain how it works:

  1. If you come over to look at farms, we meet you at the airport in Winnipeg. All we need to know is the flight number and time of arrival. You also have the option of the Brandon Air Shuttle, which runs from the airport to Brandon.
  2. We can book you into a hotel or motel. But more and more of our clients are booking the hotels themselves as part of their "Manitoba experience".
  3. We will take you to see the farms which interest you. Not only our listings, as already stated, we also co-operate with all other companies in Manitoba, and show their farms as well.
  4. We will take you to see other farmers who immigrated from the United Kingdom or Ireland.
  5. If you decide to offer for a farm, we would make it subject to certain conditions, which would protect you, some of them as follows:
    1. That you obtain immigration for yourself and family,
    2. That you can sell the farm or property you own in the U.K. or Ireland
    3. Any financing you need in Canada can be arranged
    4. For grain farms:
      • fall work to be done by vendor
      • All grain to be removed from bins in crop year
      • Last 3 years crop rotation give to purchaser
    5. When animals are involved:
      • All animals to be in good health
      • 2 weeks supply of ration and a months supply of fodder be included in purchase price
      • With dairy: quota to be filled 95% at closing, 50% of cattle to be in calf, and barn to be passed by dairy inspector
    6. In all deals that there is quantity and quality of water
    7. That the vendor be available for free consultation for one month after possession
    8. That all equipment be in working order at possession date.
  6. If an offer by you is accepted by a Vendor, then his farm is taken off the market for a period of not less than six (6) months, as immigration laws demand this. Therefore, your possession date must be at least six (6) months from the date your offer is accepted. On your return to the U.K., you will need to send a deposit, usually five percent (5%) of the purchase price. The timing of this is, of course, negotiable. The deposit would earn you interest until the possession date.
  7. If any of the conditions could not be met, then your deposit plus interest earned would be returned to you. This would mean that all you would stand to lose if you had to borrow the deposit in the U.K. would be the difference between what you were paying and what it could be invested at here.
  8. We can offer you a service second to none. A combination of professionalism, accounting and tax knowledge, and farming expertise. Having immigrated to Manitoba ourselves we know the pitfalls of going through that process, what to bring with you, what works and what doesn't. Always remember, when going through an undertaking of this magnitude, it's good to have a professional at your side!